Saturday, August 10, 2013

Elysium (2013): Review

This morning I went and saw Elysium with my brother and father and it was not a very good movie.  It was nothing horrific but nothing special and there is really no reason to watch it unless you don't mind bad movies and have a few hours to kill.
Elysium starts Matt Damon as Max a parole who lives on earth that is dying due to being exposed to radiation.  He decides that he wants to try and get into Elysium, a habitat above earth where the rich live and where they have a machine that can cure anything bad that happens to you.  While trying to do this he encounters Frey, a girl from his childhood, who's daughter is dying of leukemia. Along the way the Defense Secretary of Elysium, played by Jodi Foster, sends an agent on Earth to try and stop Max.  Lot of action sequences and stuff happen, non of which is originally or that interesting.
The good thing about this movie is that it didn't do anything that really annoyed me or made it a bad movie per se but there didn't seem to be anything original or interesting about it.  There was a lot of tight shot fight sequences, which I am not a fan of, as well as a lot of shaky camera work.
Like I said it is nothing that horrible but nothing special.  Really only a time filler with lots of grit and no emotional attachment.  On a side not all the different accents/ languages seemed a bit much and unnecessary.

My Rating: 1

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