Monday, August 19, 2013

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief (2010): Review

After watching Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (2013) for the second time because a few of my friends wanted to see it, I wanted to go back and watch the Lightning Thief because I couldn't really remember anything about it. I even forgot some of the main actors who were in it, but when re-watching it I went oh yeah, that happened.
Well Sea of Monsters is better then the Lightning Thief but both are family movies that I wouldn't mind watching if they were being shown on television.  I have a tendency to like family films and don't mind if they are simplistic and cheesy as long as they are entertaining and fun.  It was nice getting a refresher for how Percy found out he was a demi-god and the relationships between him Annabeth, who is brunette in this movie, and Grover.  I forgot how much of a non villain Luke is and how the scene with the flying shoes is really stupid.
The Lightning Thief starts with Zeus confronting Poseidon about his lightning bolt being stolen and that he believes that Poseidon's son stole it, he threatens that if the bolt isn't returned their will be war in Olympus. We then meet Percy Jackson who is having trouble at school because of his "dyslexia" (later discovered to be because he is hard wired to read Greek, and this is referenced in Sea of Monsters) and that his mother is with a horrible man of a step father.  He discovers that he is a demi-god when a harpy tries to attack him and his best friend Grover takes him, along with his mother to the Camp Half- Blood.  While on the way his mother is kidnaped and later it is discovered that she is being held by Hades in the underworld.  Hades wants Percy to bring him the lightning bold in exchange for his mother.  At camp he meets Annabeth, daughter of Athena, and discovers that Grover is a satyr and his protector.  These three are given stuff by Luke, son of Hermes, to help them hunt down three pearls that will allow them to get out of the underworld after they rescue Percy's mom.  As these three seek these pearls they meet Medusa, Hydra, and the Temple of the Lotus Eaters.  They work to save Percy's mother, find the Lightning Bolt, and return it to Zeus while along the way making friends. 
Like I said this is totally a family film but its niche is that it is about the Greek Gods and has references to mythology in it.  It is fun an worth a watch if its on television but is not a must see.  Just knowing how the four main characters if enough of a background to watch Sea of Monsters. There are more references to mythology and Homer in Sea of Monsters.

My Rating: 1

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