Monday, August 5, 2013

Soul Surfer (2011): Review

Today I wanted to watch a movie that I hadn't seen before but that I wanted to see when it came out.  I decided on Soul Surfer because I was in the mood for an uplifting story with some sap.  Soul Surfer is based on the true story of Professional Surfer Bethany Hamilton, played by AnnaSophia Robb in the movie, who as a young teenager had her left arm bitten off by a shark.  She overcome this injury and didn't let it prevent her from achieving her dream of becoming a professional surfer.  This movie follows her from before the attack until her first armature national surf completion after.  It follows her struggles to adapt and those of her family and fiends who supported her journey.
This is definitely a family film and is focused on overcoming your challenges even when you doubt yourself.  It really focuses on the personal interactions and the struggles many of the characters go through as they support Bethany.  The movie also stars Dennis Quaid as Bethany's father and Helen Hunt as her mother.
This movie is quite sappy and as it is an inspirational story it focuses on the positives of overcoming challenges and not giving up when things get hard.  It shows how Bethany used her faith and missionary spirit to keep her going and that he did this to bring positivity into others lives.
It was alright of a story and I bought into the emotional journey of the characters.  It spends enough time of each character and what they were going through while keeping the story going. The CGI was inexpensive and a lot of the surfing scenes where obviously green screened but it is worth watching on an afternoon on TV.

My Rating: 2

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